Inspection chambers

Hermelock covers with frames adjustable in height are extremely suitable to be placed on top of round synthetic reservoirs made of PVC or HDPE, with diameters of: 315 mm, 400mm and 630mm.

General characteristics:

  • The cover is made of composite material

  • No corrosion

  • No maintenance required

  • Opens up easily under any circumstances

  • Very light in weight

  • The system is perfectly hermetically sealed

  • The cover is equipped with a bolting system

  • The frame is adjustable in height according to the sewer, in order to bring the lid at the same level as the surrounding finish (clinkers, concrete, asphalt...)

  • The pipe is made of  PVC 6,7mm

  • The cover complies with the standard EN124 class B125
Type Outside dimensions Diameter PVC chamber Height collar Weight cover lid Total weight
  mm mm mm kg kg
HE400SBR 415 - - - 7,2
HE500SBR 517 - - - 12,3
HE700SBR 714 - - - 27,1
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